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Demonstration logicielle (4 pages)

  •  Olatz Perez-De-Viéaspre and Maite Oronoz Anchordoqui - Translating SNOMED CT Terminology into a Minor Language (7)
  • Tom De Smedt, Fabio Marfia, Matteo Matteucci and Walter Daelemans - Using Wiktionary to Build an Italian Part-of-Speech Tagger (16)
  • Adriano A. de Lima, Rodrigo M. Nunes, Rafael P. Ribeiro and Carlos N. Silla Jr. - Nordic Music Genre Classification Using Song Lyrics (17)
  • Izaskun Fernandez, Yolanda Lekuona, Ruben Ferreira, Santiago Fernandez and Aitor Arnaiz - Sentiment Analysis Techniques for Positive Language Development (18)
  • Johannes Hellrich and Udo Hahn - Enriching Multilingual Biomedical Terminologies via Machine Translation from Parallel Corpora (22) • Andre Freitas, Joéo Carlos Pereira Da Silva, Edward Curry and Paul Buitelaar - A Distributional Semantics Approach for Selective Reasoning on Commonsense Graph Knowledge Bases (23)
  • Muhammad Atif Qureshi, Colm O'Riordan and Gabriella Pasi - Exploiting Wikipedia for Entity Name Disambiguation in Tweets (29)
  • Zhuo Li, Sandra Carberry, Hui Fang, Kathleen McCoy and Kelly Peterson - Infographics Retrieval, a New Methodology (30)
  • Amine Trabelsi and Osmar R. Zaiane - A Joint Topic Viewpoint Model for Contention Analysis (31)
  • Luis Espinosa Anke and Horacio Saggion - Applying Dependency Relations to Definition Extraction (37)
  • Mona Mohamed Zaki Ali, Goran Nenadic and Babis Theodoulidis - Identification of Multi-Focal Questions in Question and Answer Reports (38)
  • Dat Quoc Nguyen, Dai Quoc Nguyen, Son Bao Pham, Phuong-Thai Nguyen and Minh Le Nguyen - From Treebank Conversion to Automatic Dependency Parsing for Vietnamese (45)
  • Raja Ayed, Ibrahim Bounhas, Bilel Elayeb, Narjés Bellamine Ben Saoud and Fabrice Evrard - Improving Arabic Texts Morphological Disambiguation using Possibilistic Classifier (57);